The Maison
Grade A
is the mission we have set ourselves to inspire our employees, fruit producers, customers and partners, resonating with the aspiration to eat better and preserve nature. Ponthier’s mission relies on strong, uncompromising commitments based on our history and new goals:
Revealing the original taste
Developing an ethical fruit production sector
Supporting the gastronomic community
Instilling a demanding and shared approach to CSR
Original taste
It is first and foremost about bringing the culture of taste to daily life, the original taste of a fruit that nature gives us if we respect it. It’s about sourcing exceptional, rare and exclusive fruit, harvested when ripe and processed with care as close as possible to the orchards, as quickly as possible.
Creation of the PURE TRACE® label
Our commitment relies on gentle cultivation methods and long-term partnerships with our producers to develop an ethical fruit supply chain. We make a commitment to gastronomy professionals so they can meet the growing expectations of consumers who seek transparency and information on product composition and origin. We are providing a strong and innovative response with the creation of the PURE TRACE® label.
PURE: means guaranteeing healthy, pesticide residue free products with the PURE label, thanks to responsible and committed growing methods and analyses on all fruit batches approved by Ponthier experts. From January 2021, 34 references are labelled PURE, pesticide residue free (limit of quantification 0.01mg/kg for more than 610 molecules analysed) whatever their packaging format.
TRACE: means guaranteeing traceability so that gastro-nomy professionals can enhance the value of their offer and meet consumer expectations on product origin. Ponthier was a pioneer in listing stringent traceability (country, harvest area and variety) and now Ponthier is going much further with the creation of the TRACE label, which lists the producer-harvester and the harvest location. From January 2021, 24 references are labelled TRACE regardless of their packaging format.