Red Fruits
Red Fruits Raspberry, Strawberry, Morello Cherry, Blackcurrant
Length of flavour
Dark red
Flavour combinations
Beetroot, coconut, almond, white chocolate
PONTHIER red fruit puree and coulis are made with 4 berries and currants, selected with the greatest care. The blackcurrants come from Burgundy where this fruit has a fabulous farming tradition. To guarantee the highest quality and to ensure particularly juicy and tangy flesh, the little blackcurrants are harvested at perfect ripeness. Our Willamette raspberries come from Serbia and are grown between 600 and 1,000 metres altitude, giving them a more pronounced, tangy and fragrant flavour. The recipe includes Morello cherries from Oblacinska giving the puree and the coulis a delicious colour and great tang. Finally It also has Camarosa and Senga Senga strawberries, synonymous with freshness and sweetness.