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Mara des Bois Strawberry

Yuzu 100% (Crushed)

Ponthier - Mara Devil

Mara Devil

Benjamin de la Lezardière
Founder of Mixologie Moléculaire Consulting MMCevents
PONTHIER Mara des Bois strawberry purée
PONTHIER yuzu purée
Liquid sugar
Herbal tonic water
3cl (1fl. oz.)
1,5cl (0,5fl. oz.)
4cl (1,5fl. oz.)
1cl (0,5fl. oz.)
Shake all the ingredients (except the herbal tonic water) with ice. Take a tumbler that has been chilled in the freezer, fill with ice and pour the mixture into the glass whilst double straining the liquid using a cocktail strainer and a sieve. Top with the herbal tonic water. Finish by placing the decorations on the rim of the glass.