Kiwi from Adour (PGI) 100%
BRIX : 13
Kiwi puree
Sugar 1
Yellow pectin (E440)
Sugar 2
Glucose syrup
Citric acid (E330)
Total weight
Fruit required
TDE required
Process : Heat the purée to 45°C, add the yellow pectin mixed with sugar and bring to the boil. If prescribed in the recipe, adjust the pH (between 3 and 3,5 for a better action of the pectin) with trisodium citrate*. Gradually pour the second weighed quantity of sugar whilst still boiling. Then add the glucose syrup and cook at 106/107°C. Once off the heat, add the citric acid solution**, stir and pour immediately into a frame, a silicone mould or other receptacle. Leave to crystallise for one day before removing from the mould. The next day, remove from the mould and dust with sugar, leave to dry for one day. The following day, chop with a knife or with a guitar cutter, dust with sugar, leave to dry again for a day before wrapping. Brix: Tolerance +/-2 for sweet purées tolerance: +/-3 for 100% purées.
* Trisodium citrate helps to increase Ph for very acidic fruits and allows pectin to set properly.
** Citric acid can be replaced by tartaric acid. These products are used as reagents for pectin to set to a gel. They are dissolved in a solution made of 50% acid and 50% water.