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Alcoholic cocktails


Ponthier - Pear Joseph

Pear Joseph

Laurent Greco
Williams Pear eau de vie
PONTHIER pear puree
Dark chocolate
Decoration: 15cl of PONTHIER pear puree, 1 small candied pear
Chocolate/pear preparation: In a saucepan over a low heat, melt 100g of chocolate with the 15cl PONTHIER pear puree. Stir well as the chocolate melts. The mixture should be liquid and creamy. Once the chocolate/pear mixture is ready, prepare the cocktail. In a shaker three-quarters full of ice, pour in 4cl of Williams Pear eau de vie and 3cl of PONTHIER pear puree. Shake well and pour the mixture into a cocktail glass whilst filtering.
Prepare the decoration. Use a 22 diameter baller to make a ball from a Granny Smith apple. Using both hands, place this ball on the cocktail glass. Pierce the candied pear with a transparent plastic stick, then fix it to the green apple base/ball with the stick. It should be stable and stay in position. Before serving, pour the hot chocolate mixture over the pear so that it is completely coated.