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Ponthier - Raspberry delight

Raspberry delight

Laurent Greco
Spiced rum
PONTHIER raspberry puree
Raspberry syrup
Dashes Angostura bitters
Kaffir lime
2 dashes
2 segments
Decoration: 2 fresh raspberries, 1 sprig fresh mint
Put the 2 segments of kaffir lime in a tall glass and crush them with a pestle to extract the essential oils. Add the spiced rum, Angostura bitters and the raspberry syrup. Half-fill the glass with crushed ice then add the PONTHIER raspberry puree. Mix well with a long spoon. Add 4cl Perrier™ and mix again. Finish filling the glass with crushed ice. Fill the lime squeezer with crushed ice and compress to create a half-sphere of crushed ice. Top the cocktail with the crushed ice half-sphere and garnish with 2 fresh raspberries and a big sprig of fresh mint. Sprinkle with icing sugar.