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White peach

Ponthier - French Bellini

French Bellini

Laurent Greco
PONTHIER peach puree
Bottle of Chanel N°5
Blue colouring
Decoration: hot water, dry ice, Durobor™ Pyramid glass
Break down the Pyramid glass then pour the PONTHIER peach puree into the largest part. Cover the peach puree with champagne using the bar spoon to avoid frothing. Once covered, mix the two together delicately with a spoon. Pour the hot water into a pot then dye it with 2 to 3 drops of blue colouring. Put the second part of the glass over the cocktail then garnish with a white LED ice cube light and 40g of dry ice. Just before serving, spray two sprays of Chanel N°5 perfume on the dry ice. In front of the customer, pour the hot water on the dry ice. To drink, place the third part of the glass next to the cocktail, then place the second part with the dry ice on it, so that it is above the cocktail. The Chanel N°5 fragrance will delicately scent the cocktail. A delight for the senses…