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Live Trace
Discover the live apricot orchard of our producer Vincent Robin - Rhône Valley

Discover the live pear orchard of our producers Amélie & Armel Orcière in Saint-Andiol
Ponthier's vision is to guarantee complete traceability by displaying the variety, geographical location and producer or collector. This traceability tells each fruit's story: the attention to agricultural know-how and the qualities the soil has conferred upon the fruit. Consider the fruit as absorbing the goodness of where it is grown, which it gives back. Each fruit purée flavour can be traced to a country, and for 36 references Ponthier already specifies a growing region. Ponthier has decided to go even further to meet the demands of consumers and continue its efforts by creating the PURE TRACE label, which reinforces traceability by displaying the name of the producer and the harvest location for 28 flavours.

And to take things even further, Ponthier is launching the Live Trace project, which allows users to view the orchards live via a webcam simply by scanning a QR code.